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Speech Therapist About Me

Hello All! 

I wanted to take time to introduce myself to a lot of you! 

I am Jessie, Speech Language Pathologist. I have a passion for many areas of Speech Therapy including swallowing disorders. 

I have the ability to complete FEES swallow evaluations and I am able to use these studies to visualize what is actually going on with an individuals swallow and be able to best determine a plan to help remediate difficulty so the patient can return to comfortable eating and drinking. 


In addition, I have a passion for serving children with speech and language disorders. Speech and Language disorders can impact so many parts of our lives and I strive to help by remediating these in order for children to be able to grow independence and express their wants and needs as easily as possible, through verbal and receptive language skills as well as with Augmentative Alternative Communication devices if necessary. 


If you have any questions or think you or a family may benefit from speech therapy, please reach out with any questions or concerns! I am happy to help in any way I can! 


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