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Camps and Groups

At Rural Rehabilitation Services, we believe that effective communication is a crucial skill for any child to possess. That's why we offer tailor-made group speech therapy camps to help your child improve their communication skills in a fun and supportive environment. With a focus on engaging activities and collaborative exercises, our camps are designed to instill confidence and enhance speech clarity. 

We offer a sophisticated approach to ensure that every child receives personalized attention and achieves optimal progress. By enrolling your child in our group speech therapy camps, you'll be providing them with a unique opportunity to develop skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Learn more about our 2024 camps, and sign your child up below!

Kids Craft Camp

Summer Book Club

Speech Sound Summer Camp

Say and Play Speech Camp



If you have any questions or think you or a family may benefit from speech therapy, please reach out with any questions or concerns!

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