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Cognitive/Linguistic Therapy

When cognitive impairment affects communication, Cognitive-Linguistic Therapy steps in to bridge the gap. Whether due to impaired cognition or altered cognitive states, this therapy targets attention, memory, and problem-solving skills, tailoring interventions to each individual's unique needs.

Often stemming from right brain injuries, cognitive-linguistic impairments may not directly impact language centers but can disrupt attention, memory, and interpretive language, hampering communication abilities. Evaluation involves a comprehensive assessment of memory, attention, social language skills, and abstract reasoning.

Therapeutic interventions aim to enhance daily functioning. Activities are designed to target specific cognitive-linguistic skills, such as paraphrasing news segments to improve attention or utilizing memory aids like schedules and signs. Pragmatic tasks, like turn-taking in games or conversational exchanges, further develop functional communication skills.

Identifying cognitive challenges is crucial, and our experienced speech and language pathologists conduct thorough evaluations to pinpoint areas of weakness. From there, personalized treatment plans are crafted, incorporating cognitive exercises, compensatory strategies, and ongoing education and support for both the individual and their support network.

At Rural Rehabilitation Services, LLC, we're dedicated to improving cognitive health and empowering individuals to communicate effectively in their daily lives. Contact us today to begin your journey towards enhanced cognitive-linguistic skills and improved quality of life.



If you have any questions or think you or a family may benefit from speech therapy, please reach out with any questions or concerns!

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